Michele Taras has been described by reporter Kitty Huisman as "a young Picasso, as if he fell into a rainbow." Michele Taras began painting in 2018 after a long career as a fashion photographer. Articles have been written about her artwork in the Orangeville Banner, Caledon Sideroads magazine, Living Spaces & Lifestyle magazine and inside the book by Karen Mayer: "The Language of Art: A Primer." In addition, her artwork has appeared on the pages of Elle magazine and Harper's Bazaar UK. Her work has sold across North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Her style is contemporary art - naive. Her bright colours and happy images make her style easily recognizable and her artwork stands out in a room. Michele Taras takes inspiration from the world of imagination. Some of her characters have two sides to their faces, horses have legs that are long and ondular. Many of her paintings are riddled with patterns and colours that you would not normally expect to find together in a single painting, but coordinate wonderfully on her canvas. Born and raised in Montreal, Michele Taras was brought up in a home of travelers. She has also lived in China and spent time volunteering in Haiti and Kenya. These travels have no doubt influenced her choice of bright colours and from time to time you will find social topics depicted in her paintings. Taras is passionate about the people and animals of this world. Although Taras does enjoy to explore different mediums, she mostly paints with acrylic paint. The fast-drying medium tends to keep up with her vivid imagination. Often texture is added into her work, only visible when touched by a stream of light from a window. Taras likes to paint on gallery-wrapped canvas. She also likes to paint the edges of the canvas so that framing then becomes optional, but not necessary. Spend the time watching closely the details of the paintings as from time to time you can find hidden meaning within the patterns and deeper symbolism than is at first observed.

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